Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Independent Drawing Gig nr. 1

The origin of the history of the event “Independent Drawings Gig” nr.1. is very simple. Early in the morning, when I’m making drawings, I usually listen to indie music. I make an attempt to make my drawings close to the work of my favourite musicians. One drawing like one song on a music CD.
Indie musicians have their fans, organize festivals on their stage. An idea was born to arrange something similar in Vilnius with drawings, completing them with music. I think that “non-traditional” drawings and independent music have many common points of contacts.
This was how the possibility offered itself to rally the artists with close artistic orientation and thinking, and similarly like in indie music to create in Vilnius an independent stage of art.
16 artists participated in the first I.D.G. nr.1. , and the members of the musical project “Seul 5 am” played live music. We intend to organize this venture once a year.

Linas Jablonskis, Vilnius


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